Cotton Couture by Cha-ching-chick

“Everything I touch turns to gold.”  Wouldn’t that be nice, but it is never that easy is it?  The gold I have reaped so far is a family that is off the charts and has supported my efforts in business since I  started long ago. I plan to keep them along for my next accomplishment; a new business Cotton Couture by Chachingck.  Cotton Couture will be catering to the beautiful women of the world, the curvy Raphaelites of the day.

If you have any doubts why, ask a person whose proportions don’t match anything sold in stores, feels horrible to pay for clothing that doesn’t feel good, look good or have any reason to make them feel better about themselves.  I always wanted to wake up in the morning, shower and get giddy thinking about what to wear that day.  The reason it is absolutely necessary is, I am large, I am in love with my self and want the world to know I am A-OKAY with me and how I look.  I think there are so many women that want to feel this way; in clothes that they live in each day.  Clothes that make them feel giddy with excitement to get dressed and go conquer the world time and time again.

Denise Toepel /Cotton Couture


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